Who we are


 company for the production and sale of greeting cards and high-impact articles


 The Arteca brand was founded in 1994 and has as its main objective to supply companies in the stationery, gift, favors, tobacco and all companies that market or intend to market greeting cards with a top quality product.  The creation of the products is followed from the early stages by the internal graphic studio and managed by an external graphic agency that has been collaborating with us for 15 years.  The company employs around 10 people, a deliberately family-run company.  The main feature that distinguishes it is certainly the reliability and correctness in carrying out its activities.


 At the heart of our corporate philosophy is customer satisfaction, which must always come first.


 Our products are monitored at every stage of production

 tion to try to obtain a product of the highest quality.


 Arteca is a family-run business that employs a total of about 10 people.


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